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Who We Are?

Rio Drapz Home Décor is a home furnishing company in Kochi driven by a strong desire to assist design experts in providing unique style, sophistication, elegance, and welcome warmth that reflects the individuality and soul of those who live within them. We realise the importance of making genuine contacts with experts and hence welcome any opportunity to assist them in sourcing high-quality interior decor. Instead of selling motives, we believe in assisting interior design specialists in finding solutions to their challenges. We are confident in the quality of our products, which will complement both your style and functional requirements. We not only attend to functional needs, but we also pay attention to aesthetics. This allows us to hit two birds with one stone. The Engrave staff also leads professionals through the process, ensuring that each stage exceeds your expectations.

Many interior designers are relying on our products to accomplish their projects. Our distinct taste in interior décor goods, such as furniture, sofa, rugs, mattresses, blinds, wallpapers, curtains and others, assists interior design professionals in making a statement in front of their clients. Let us work together to make magic.


Our vision is to be a reputable, long-lasting, and desirable home décor firm in the global market, offering cutting-edge inventive ideas and superior quality finishes. We will continue to draw on our many years of professional experience to constantly produce exclusive design services that meet the needs of our partners and clients.


Our mission is to provide our consumers with reward experiences and value that blend functionality, excellent quality, and innovation. We want every partner and client interaction to be the talk of the town. In addition, to establish the most advanced and high-quality level in all exterior and interior designs.

Why Us

Superior Quality: Our comprehensive expertise and experience ensure that we assist you in locating the amazing and most exotic interior décor products so that you may bring your design ideas to life and satisfy your clients.

We Prioritize your Needs: It's all about the details in home decor! So you don't have to worry about anything, our staff takes care of all the small things, from lighting to colours and textures. You may simply sit back and watch the magic unfold.

Smooth Processing: We keep things as basic as possible. We assure you that every home décor product you purchase from us meets all of your requirements and that nothing is missing!

Value for Money: Working with our team gives you access to top industry professionals with extensive knowledge and expertise. You also don't have to bother about locating suppliers and traders. We do it for you to save you time and get the most out of your investment.

Our Executive Team

We are delighted to be recognizing the aesthetic sensibilities of every décor we touch. Our company is now the preferred partners for the world's leading furniture and furnishing manufacturers. We are defined by our commitment to quality and our desire to bring to life visions that combine expertise and art. Our team comprises if talented personalities in interior designing and home décor who have years of expertise in the relevant field.

Warranty and Service

The unrivaled warranty from our products ensures a first-rate home design experience. We offer India's first whole home warranty, which includes sofa sets, curtains, mattresses, rugs etc. with our home decor in Kochi, we ensure that all of our products are free of material and manufacturing flaws by performing multiple quality checks at each stage. Our home furnishing in Kochi has the best team to service your home décor everyone gets the opportunity to select the most amazing products from us. The interior furnishing company Kochi is ready to give you the best servicing in delivery and installation.

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