Learn about weaving experiences for your house and heart. Our rugs in Kochi are detailed, with nuances added by the weavers down to the last detail. Because we think that our customers are actual weavers, we share the experience of designing a carpet with them. Customers value handmade rugs and carpets for their richness, comfort, rich textures, and legacy. We take it a step further by combining the same heritage process with current designs, all of which can be altered in an infinite number of ways, making each rug genuinely unique. The next generation of home decor passionate.

We provide a curated retail experience with a large selection of home products at reasonable costs. We assist our customers locate exactly what they need by collaborating with a worldwide network of the finest merchants, allowing them to add the finishing touches needed to adorn their homes in style. We have a rug collection in order to improve the shopping experience for both customers and suppliers.

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